Here is an example of HTML usage of the player:

<object type="application/x-shockwave-flash" data="player_flv_multi.swf" width="320" height="240">
     <param name="movie" value="player_flv_multi.swf" />
     <param name="FlashVars" value="flv=test.flv|test2.flv" />

In this example, the size of the video is not set. The size of the player is 320 by 240. If you change these parameters, the video size will also change.


Parameter nameParameter description
flv The URLs of the FLV videos to be played, separated by |.
config The URL of the configuration text file, similar to flv_config_multi.txt
configxml The URL of the configuration XML file, similar to flv_config_multi.xml
buffer The number of seconds to buffer. By default set to 5.
buffermessage The buffering message. By default Buffering _n_, _n_ shown in percent.
title Titles, separated by |
titlesize The size of the title's font. By default set to 20.
titlecolor The color of title. By default set to ffffff.
margin The margin of the video with respect to the Flash object. (useful for skins).
srt 1 to use SRT subtitles (the file must be at the same place as the video and have the same name, with .srt extension)
srtsize Size of the subtitle's font. By default set to 11.
srtcolor The color of subtitles
srtbgcolor The background color of subtitles
autoplay 1 to auto-play
autoload 1 to automatically load
autonext 0 to avoid to skip to the next video.
shuffle 1 to shuffle.
showstop 1 to show the STOP button.
showvolume 1 to show the VOLUME button.
showtime 1 to show the TIME button, 2 to show the remaining time by default
showprevious 1 to show the PREVIOUS button.
shownext 1 to show the NEXT button.
showopen 0 to hide the OPEN button. 2 to show playlist the first time.
showplayer Player bar display mode : autohide, always or never.
showfullscreen 1 to show fullscreen button (requires Flash Player or newer)
showswitchsubtitles 1 to show the button showing/hiding subtitles
loop 1 to loop.
width Forces the video width.
height Forces the video height.
startimage Title images separated by |
skin The URL of the JPEG file (not progressive) to load
playercolor The background color of the player bar (not the flash)
loadingcolor The color of loading bar
bgcolor The background color
bgcolor1 The first color of the background gradient
bgcolor2 The second color of the background gradient
buttoncolor The color of the buttons
buttonovercolor Hover color of buttons
slidercolor1 The first color of the bar gradient
slidercolor2 The second color of the bar gradient
sliderovercolor Hover color of the bar
scrollbarcolor The color of the scrollbar.
scrollbarovercolor Hover color of the scrollbar.
currentflvcolor The color of the current video.
onclick The destination URL when clicking on the video. By default playpause, meaning that the video is played/paused on click. To remove events, set to none.
onclicktarget The target of the URL when clicking on the video. By default _self. To open a new window set to _blank.
playertimeout The timeout in milliseconds before the player hides (when autohide mode is set). By default set to 1500.
videodelay The display time of the video title, in milliseconds. By default set to 0.
shortcut 0 to deactivate keyboard shortcuts.
volume The initial volume, between 0 and 200.
videobgcolor Background color of the flash, when no video is shown.
playlisttextcolor The color of playlist text.
playonload 0 to avoid playing the video after loading.
scrollbarsize The size of the scrollbar. By default set to 4.
showtitlebackground Title background display mode: auto, always or never
playeralpha The transparency of the player bar, between 0 and 100.
ondoubleclick Action on double click: none, fullscreen, playpause, or the URL to open.
ondoubleclicktarget The target of the URL when double clicking on the video. By default _self. To open a new window set to _blank.
showmouse Display of the mouse cursor : always, autohide, never.
top1 Load an image over the video and place it at the coordinate x and y (for example url|x|y)
showiconplay 1 to show the PLAY icon in the middle of the video.
iconplaycolor The color of the PLAY icon.
iconplaybgcolor The background color of the PLAY icon.
iconplaybgalpha The transparency of the PLAY icon between 0 and 100.
showtitleandstartimage 1 to show the title and the startimage at the same time.

Keyboard shortcuts

space Play/Pause
P Play/Pause
S Stop
C Show/Hide subtitles
left 5 seconds backward
right 5 seconds forward
up Next video
down Previous video
+ Volume up
- Volume down


To control the player with Javascript, it is necessary to add an id in the <object> tag, in order to identify the Flash.

These are the available actions:

document.getElementById("myFlash").SetVariable("player:jsPlay", "");
document.getElementById("myFlash").SetVariable("player:jsPlay", "2");

document.getElementById("myFlash").SetVariable("player:jsPause", "");

document.getElementById("myFlash").SetVariable("player:jsStop", "");

document.getElementById("myFlash").SetVariable("player:jsNext", "");

document.getElementById("myFlash").SetVariable("player:jsPrevious", "");

document.getElementById("myFlash").SetVariable("player:jsVolume", "50");